European Bio Imaging Facility - Overview

Euro-bioimaging ERIC infrastructure

Welcome to the Naples Euro-BioImaging ERIC facility located at the IEOS 2nd Unit in CNR Research area NA-1. The facility is a continuation of the imaging facility developed by Alberto Luini and colleagues at the Mario Negri Sud Institute for Biomedical Research in the 1990s that pioneered the development of the modern Correlative video-Light Electron Microscopy (CLEM). It is the coordinating facility of the Advanced Light Microscopy Italian multi-modal multi-sited Node of Euro-BioImaging, a pan European research infrastructure project (for more information see:  It is managed and operated by the IEOS 2nd Unit. The Naples facility can be accessed through the Euro-BioImaging portal or following the instruction reported here.

The facility is supported by CAMPANIA REGION (POR CIRO), MUR (PON IMPARA), MUR (PNRR-Infrastructure SEELIFE).



Where we are

Via Pietro Castellino 111
80131 Naples
Tel. 0039 081 6132 579

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