European Bio Imaging Facility - Overview


For internal users:
Only certified independent users are allowed to use the microscopes.
Each certified user will be provided with a magnetic card to access the facility.
New users will have to participate in the annual training course on the use of microscopes before they will be allowed to access the facility. If you are not a certified user and you need to use the microscope, you can do so with the help of another experienced user from your group. Alternatively, you can contact the facility members for support.

Booking the microscopes:
Each research group is allotted timeslots to use the microscopes. The allocation chart can be found here.These slots can be booked online.
The slots should be booked and confirmed al least 24h in advance; else the slot is considered free and other users may book the turn.
The slots that have been booked should be occupied within 15min of the start of the booking time, else other users will be to free use the slot. Bookings need to be cancelled at least 24h in advance, else you will be charged for the use. In case you need more than the allotted time, you can book the free turns or time.
The free slots should not be booked more than 48h in advance.

The charges for the use of the microscope and facility can be found here.
The costs of any damage to the instruments or the facility will be charged to the user.

For external users
Being a part of the Euro-BioImaing network the requests from external users (other than IEOS) needs to be routed through the Euro-BioImaging portal. Details about this can be found here
We also encourage the potential users to contact the facility before so as to prepare the application together. Please write an email to this address:
You will be contacted by our staff as soon as possible to guide you through the procedures

For publications
Depending on the nature of the request, an authorship in the eventual publication may be required. Please discuss about this with the facility head before starting the project.
In any case (whether an authorship is provided or not) we request the users to please acknowledge the use of the BioImaging facility by inserting the following in the “Acknowledgement section” of their publications: “We thank the Euro-BioImaging facility at the IEOS (CNR), Naples for help with microscopy experiments.”


Where we are

Via Pietro Castellino 111
80131 Naples
Tel. 0039 081 6132 579

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