European Bio Imaging Facility - Overview

Label-free or deuterium-based imaging of intracellular metabolites

The facility houses two Raman microscopes allowing high-resolution imaging  for the label-free characterization of materials and specimens in terms of their chemical composition. The Xplora INV Confocal Raman microscope (Jobin-Yvonne) is equipped with three laser sources (532nm, 630 nm and 780 nm), a DuoScan technology and it combines a sensitive confocal microscope with a high throughput spectroscopy system enabling sub-micron Raman imaging, adjustable laser spot sizes, and 100% coverage of a sample for macro-mapping. The home developed Raman microscope can be combined with other technologies (fibers, microfluidics, holography, optical tweezers) for high versatile experiments.

For regular users individual training on sample preparation and microscope use will be provided. Others will have to utilize the services of the facility staff for experiments. 

Contact us for help with planning of the experiments.



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