Menotti Ruvo

Using antibody fragments to generate mono- and multispecific bioconjugates

Paolo Antonio Netti

Cell Instructive Materials for bio fabrication of human tissue 

Alfredo Budillon

Drug repurposing as novel therapeutic approach in cancer treatment: from bench to bed-side.

Francesca Carlomagno

NCOA4 Controls iron-dependent cell proliferation and death

Roman Polishchuk

The trascriptional programme of Golgi biogenesis - Roman Polishchuk- Tigem, Pozzuoli

Angelo Fontana

Small-molecule drug discovery in immunotherapy - Angelo Fontana, ICB-CNR

Vivek Malhotra

TANGO1: from collagen secretion to controlling fibrosis -  Prof. Vivek Malhotra CRG, Barcelona

Emilia Pedone

Molecular studies toward the comprehension of the role of the polyalanine expansion in the aggregation of PHOX2B: a significant contribution by NMR structural characterization; Emilia Pedone-IBB, CNR

Jomon Joseph

Cell Biology of Annulate Lamellae - an underexplored organelle, Jomon Joseph- National Centre for Cell Science, Pune, India

Maria Grazia Raucci

 A theragenerative bionanomaterial for bone cancer therapy and regeneration - Maria Grazia Raucci, IPCB-CNR


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