Welcome to the second unit of IEOS.

Fundamental processes of life

Welcome to the second unit of IEOS.

Cell Biology: from molecular
mechanisms to clinical applications

Welcome to the second unit of IEOS.

ERIC infrastructure


Institute of Experimental Endocrinology and Oncology “Gaetano Salvatore” 2nd Unit

The Second Unit of Experimental Endocrinology and Oncology "G. Salvatore" Institute located at Castellino Campus (Area di Ricerca CNR-NA1) is a research centre specialized in cell biology, oncology and advanced microscopies. Our aim is to foster strong synergies and collaborations between the different topics for unravelling molecular and cellular mechanisms especially in cancer and translate them to clinical applications.

Jobs and Tenders



Congratulations to Antonio Colanzi, Giovanna Grimaldi, Domenico Russo, Carmen Valente and Anna Chiara De Luca! The Italian Ministry of Research announced the winners of the projects for National Center, for the Creation of Enlarged Partnerships, for Strengthening of Research Infrastructures funded under the National Recovery and Resilience Plan (NRRP): IEOS Second Unit has an important role in Italy!
The NRRP projects are designed to enable outstanding, top research leaders to pursue their cutting-edge, high-risk scientific projects in Italy. We wish you great success with your exciting projects! Going forward, it will be essential to keep up this positive momentum by implementing good science.

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