European Bio Imaging Facility - Overview

Imaging-based siRNA and drug screenings

The facility is equipped with the Opera Phenix Plus High-Content Screening system, a spinning disk confocal system equipped with 5 lasers capable of imaging thin or thick samples, such as spheroids and organoids. Through its automated water immersion lenses, Opera Phenix Plus achieves higher throughput and richer content. The system uses the Harmony acquisition and image analysis software which is powerful and simple to use. Moreover, artificial Intelligence through Machine Learning boosts the microscope capability to recognize objects during acquisition. Altogether, these features make this system the premier confocal solution for most demanding high content applications. 

Opera Phenix Plus key features

  • Two sCMOS cameras with simultaneous acquisition in up to four channels
  • 5 lasers (375 nm, 425 nm, 488 nm, 561 nm, 640 nm)
  • Three Air objectives (5x, 10x and 20x)
  • Two high NA water immersion objectives (20x and 63x)
  • Widefield or confocal imaging modes
  • Supports live imaging
  • Brightfield and digital phase contrast
  • Supported by high content analysis software Harmony 

The facility is also equipped with a Hamilton STARlet liquid handler containing a 96-channels head + 2 independent channels, integrated grippers and a variety of racks that can support a wide range of experimental needs. Such system can accelerate screens and high throughput assays enabling management, aliquoting and dispensing of samples from compound and siRNA libraries.


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