13 Maggio 2022
Angela Filograna
“Lipid droplets: role of CtBP1/BARS in their life cycle”

22 April 2022
Francesco Russo
“Golgi Enzyme Motif Discovery”

1 April 2022
Antonino Colanzi
“Modulation of the Golgi checkpoint to induce selective sensitization of cancer cells to chemotherapy”

25 March 2022
Manuel Marzullo
“FRET signature as diagnostic marker”

18 March 2022
Mario Bortolozzi
“Towards precision medicine for Parkinson's disease using patient-derived midbrain organoids”

11 March 2022
Maria Mangini
“Innovative approaches for detecting circulating tumor cells”

04 March 2022
Giovanna Grimaldi
“PARP12-driven ADP-ribosylation of Akt: a new layer of regulation in apoptosis”

25 February 2022
Fabio Mammano
“Photodynamic therapy for cancer precision medicine”

18 February 2022
Antonio Rinaldi
“Integration and analysis of multiomics data in a deeplearning view”

11 February 2022
Domenico Russo
“Golgi-resident enzyme localization principles”

4 February 2022
Simone Di Paola
“Tailored imaging cell-based assays to monitor senescence”

21 January 2022
Rosaria Di Martino
“Protein trafficking regulation and APP processing: role of the orphan receptor GPRC5A in Alzheimer's disease”

14 January 2022
Seetharaman Parashuraman
“Prioritization of driver genes in cancer-associated copy number alterations identifies B4GALT5 as a glycooncogene”


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